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The New World prayer

The new world prayer was given by Maitreya in July 1988 is really an affirmation with an invocative effect, and will be a powerful tool in the recognition by us that man and God are one, that there is no separation. By affirming that I am the creator of the universe I can come into consciousness (eventually) that I am God, the true reality.

I am the creator of the universe.

I am the father and mother of the universe.

Everything came from me.

Everything shall return to me.

Mind, spirit and body are my temples

For the Self to realize in them

My supreme Being and Becoming

The Lord Maitreya

"Before the throne of God, the angel, with all the other angels, stood and cried: 'Lord of my life, grant me the strength to tread the path of revelation; to cross the sea of dark illusion, and face the lighted way of earth.' God said: 'Go forth and far away.'

"Before the gate which opens on the lighted way to peace, the angel stood alone and said: 'Lord of my life, the way of revelation is the way of manifested life; the path of dark illusion leads to the light which scatters every shadow. I seek to tread the lighted way which lead back to thy Presence. As yet that way is dark. What shall I do?' God said, 'Draw near and enter into thine own light, and in that light, see Light.'

"Before the gateway of each newborn day, which holds within its sealed hours ordered responsibility, each morn I stand. I cry aloud: 'Lord of my life, how can I do the duty of this day and seek detachment? Meet every need and yet free myself from ties and bonds?' God said: 'The sun draws near and vivifies the earth. Naught can it take from out the earth. Live likewise. Give and ask naught!'"

Alice A Bailey

"Let the disciple seize hold of the tail of the serpent of wisdom, and having with firmness grasped it, let him follow it into the deepest centre of the Hall of Wisdom. Let him not be betrayed into the trap set for him by the serpent of illusion, but let him shut his eyes to the colourful tracery upon its back, and his ears to the melody of its voice. Let him discern the jewel, set in the forehead of the serpent whose tail he holds, and by its radiance traverse the miry halls of maya (illusion)."

Alice A Bailey

Answers to Profound Questions, The Meaning and Purpose of Life

I have been seeker of truth and have been trying to explore the meaning and purpose of life by trying to find answers to profound questions such as

1. Why am I here?

2. What is the purpose of life?

3. Is there an afterlife?

4. Is there a heaven?

5. Is there a hell?

6. Do people go to heaven or hell after death?

7. Is there a God?

8. Are we alone in this universe?

9. Is there life in other planets in our solar system?

10. Are the religious teachings true?

11. Is religion a force for good?

12. Does one need a religion?

I have answered some of these questions in other articles. The best teachings that answer these questions are the Ageless Wisdom Teachings or the writings of some of the new age writers. The best writers that answer these questions are writers such as Alice A Bailey and Benjamin Creme. Benjamin Creme's writings are the easiest to follow and then the Alice Bailey teachings. Bailey's teachings are not for the average reader and needs simplification. It is the same with the Teachings of H P Blavatsky. But I am presenting these ideas for your consideration only and not as dogma and it is up to you to think and debate, and accept or reject these ideas.

Why is oneself is here?

Why we are here as human beings is we have achieved the state of a human being or a human soul a long time ago. Some of us have lived as human beings for a very long time. Some of us have lived as human beings on earth for 18.5 million years. We or our souls have been reincarnating again and again on earth and on other planets over about 100,000 life times. Early animal man came into existence on earth about 21 million years ago. (The event called individualisation happened later because animals are not considered to be individuals and said to share a group soul and not an individual soul) Then we looked more like an ape than a modern human. We became human with a rudimentary mind about 18.5 million years ago still half animal and half man. Animals do not have the capacity of a mind. We evolved over these long periods to become the modern human.

Is there an afterlife?

I have written a separate article about afterlife and I will not touch that topic here. In the same article I have mentioned that there is neither hell nor heaven. Both are states of mind and not places and there is definitely no heaven or hell after death as mentioned by Jewish, Christian and Islamic teachings. Teachings on reincarnation were deliberately taken out of bible on the orders of Byzantine Emperor Justinian and Empress Theodora around 522 AD by the 4th Ecumenical Council of Constantinople. Bible is highly edited and amended book of the early Catholic Church. What went into the bible was decided by the church hierarchy on political and not spiritual reasons and on the orders of the Roman Emperors. This was seen as a means of maintaining the authority of the church or state over people and controlling the lives of everyone. People must live according to the teachings of the church and anyone disagreed was labelled a heretic and put to death. Though this could still happen in some parts of the world, fortunately humanity has progressed and we are now living in different times.

Therefore only religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism, talks about reincarnation. These teachings are more pure and less prone to political influence. India at the time had more freedom of thought and tolerated different ideologies and opinions. No opinion was considered heretic and there was less persecution. Therefore India has many different strands of Hinduism, many different ideological positions and different cults. India had many different enlightened teachers or avatars.

Is there a God?

All major religions except Buddhism talks about God. Many Buddhists believe in different Gods but does not have one Almighty God. I consider God as the being who ensoul this planet or this solar system, galaxy or the universe. He is a being so advanced he needs a whole planet, solar system, galaxy or universe to incarnate. He is not separate from us and includes everything in this planet or solar system including all the human beings. We are cells, molecules or atoms in his body in the same way that we have organs, cells, molecules and atoms in our body. He has plans for the evolution of different parts of his body called the divine plan in the same way that nations, world bodies and human beings have plans. So my answer is yes and a God or divine being exists.

There is a person living on earth we can call God. He lives in a place called Shamballa in the sky of the Gobi desert in China. A centre made of etheric or dark matter and not visible to human eyes. He is called the Lord of the World and also referred to as Sanath Kumara by Hindus. The name means eternal prince in Sanskrit. He is the person Jesus called 'My Father in Heaven'. He heads a council of ministers just like a cabinet of government headed by a president or a prime minister. He discusses how to implement his divine plan with his ministers. One of his ministers is Buddha who manifested himself through Gautama Buddha. Gautama Buddha was not the Buddha himself but provided the vehicle for Buddha to manifest through him in the same way Jesus provided the vehicle for Christ to manifest through him 500 years later.

People sometimes ask if there is a God why so many bad things happening in the world. These bad things are the result of our own actions we take as individuals, groups, nations, groups of nations as the EU, organisations both public and private, and as world bodies such as the NATO, UN, World Bank, IMF, and the WTO. If we want stop bad things happening we need to take action as individuals, families, groups, organisations, nations, groups of nations, world bodies or as humanity as a whole. World problems are solvable provided the nations, groups of nations or humanity get together and attempt hammer out a solution. Man has free will to do what he wants if he really wants to achieve something. At the same time we have to pay the price for wrong actions we take as individuals, groups, nations, groups of nations or humanity as a whole.

Every human being without exception is a god in incarnation. Human kingdom is the first kingdom where the spirit meets its polar opposite the matter. The spirit or soul and the matter or our material nature is fighting for the control of the person. Sometimes the spirit or soul tries to pull us in one direction and our material nature tries to pull us in the opposite direction. Sometimes our spiritual nature wins and we express loving kindness, compassion, self sacrifice, helping of others, sharing and fighting for the common good of everyone. Sometimes our material nature wins and we express selfishness, cruelty, greed, slavery and disregard and complacency to the suffering of others. Eventually our spiritual nature wins control through the process of evolution and we become members of the Kingdom of God, Heaven or Nirvana after paying the price for wrong actions.

Is there life in our solar system?

According to Ageless Wisdom, all or most of the planets in our solar system are inhabited by very advanced civilisations. Why it is that when we send probes to our neighbouring planets they all look barren and desolate. This may be due to the multi-dimensional nature of our solar system or universe and the very limited vision of the human eye; the very limited and primitive instruments used by earth science. It could be also due to deliberate concealing to keep us in the dark by governments such as US and other western governments. According our very primitive science (though we consider ourselves as very scientifically advanced, very clever and very intelligent or the only intelligent civilisation in our universe by our scientists) we exist in ordinary matter or baryonic matter, which consists of only 4% of matter in the universe. This 4% of matter reflect light and visible to us. Other types of matter or energy, which consists of 26% of dark matter and 70% of dark energy (96% of matter or energy) is invisible to us. These estimates may vary depending on the source.

The problem may be that some of the life in the universe is made of dark matter which is totally invisible and undetectable and barely known to us. When people from other planets visit us we call them UFOs as most of them are either totally invisible or very occasionally visible when they make themselves visible. According to Benjamin Creme there are about 3000 agents from other planets in our solar system, living and working on earth. They look exactly like us and indistinguishable from anyone else you will meet on the street.

Accrding to Mr Creme people from other planets are here only to help us mainly by neutralising nuclear radiation put out by our nuclear power stations and other pollution put out by us to make earth barely habitable. We are poisoning the earth through the use of nuclear power. The epidemic of dementia is caused by the damage to the human immune system caused by nuclear radiation. We would have perished long time ago if not for our neighbouring planets. They can live and work on earth at the same time being totally invisible to us. There is no truth to the claim that people are being abducted or experimented on by aliens. This is the mind set of earth humanity and they do not consider that these people as very advanced human beings.

The dark matter and dark energy are referred to as etheric matter and etheric energy by the Ageless Wisdom teachings. The word 'etheric' which derived from the word 'ether', which was supposed to fill the empty space of the universe. We ourselves have a body made of dark matter, which is sometimes called the etheric body, composed of chackras (energy centres) and nadis (energy channels), which is again totally invisible to us. Most of the healing and acupuncture and spiritual energy are said to work on the dark matter body or the etheric body.

Are the religious teachings true?

There is a truth in every religion though there may be some exceptions and some fictional teaching. All the major religions are interconnected. All the members of the Spiritual Kingdom (the Kingdom of God or Nirvana) follow the same teachings and are disciples or students of the same teachers. These members of the Kingdom of God are called the Masters of Wisdom. They do not have a religious divide like us on earth. They do not belong to any religion, ideology or belief system. Christ is not a Christian or Buddha is not a Buddhist. They are the Great Lords of the Spiritual Kingdom. But since the original teachings went out they have become distorted or corrupted.

Therefore none of the religious teachings are 100% true. Most of the teachings are wrongly interpreted by the various religious authorities and followers. People have speculated on things they cannot understand or follow. Therefore the accuracy of religious scriptures is about 50-60%. The Western teachings (Jewish, Christian and Islamic) are the most distorted due to the highly concrete thinking of the Western mind. Accuracy of religious teachings given out by religious groups, priests and other preachers at sermons may be between 10% and 50% depending on the point of spiritual evolution of the teacher. Both science and religion are revelations from God and scientific and religious teachings need regular updating and this is called the 'progressive revelation' as mentioned by Bahai teachings. These teachings are for everyone to read and learn from and not for one group of people to claim their exclusivity

Is religion a force for good?

Religion is a set of beliefs or an ideology. Like all other ideologies such as communism, socialism or capitalism its effects are a mixture of good and evil. It is not necessary to have a belief in God or in a particular religion. Everyone needs a set of ethical principles to follow. As long as one follows these secular ethical principles there may not be a need to follow or belong to any religion. At the same time a belief in a God, prayer or worship has its benefits.

During prayer and worship spiritual energies are invoked from the the members of the spiritual kingdom, the Masters or Wisdom and this energy flows through the physical bodies of people taking part in worship. Group worship is more powerful than individual worship in invoking these energies. They have a enlightening and healing effect on people taking part in worship. This sometimes makes people taking part in prayer and worship live longer and healthier than other people. Deliberate Invocation and evocation by a group, using a mantram such as Great Invocation coupled with group meditation are the more advanced spiritual practices leading to enlightenment or fast spiritual progress or evolution as opposed to prayer and worship which ask for the material well being of the person.

Does one need a religion?

It is possible to reach the Kingdom of God through purely secular means. Every path of human endeavour that benefit others is a path to enlightenment. It can be achieved through the pursuit of science, religion, philosophy, psychology, art, music, literature, economics, politics or any other branch of human activity. Every person who has contributed to human progress in some way will reach the kingdom of heaven whether they believe in God, religion or not. All great scientists, inventors, philosophers, artists, painters, outstanding politicians, social reformers are junior members of the kingdom of heaven. They have one foot in the human kingdom and one foot in the Kingdom of God. I am using the word 'heaven' symbolically and not to mean a place that people go after death but a state of mind.

Earth is composed of seven kingdoms in nature such as mineral, plant, animal, human, superhuman (Kingdom of God or Nirvana or Heaven), and there are two other kingdoms above the Kingdom of God. The purpose of life of an entity or atom in every kingdom whether mineral, plant, animal, human or superhuman (superman) is to reach the next kingdom in nature. It will happen automatically whether one likes it or not through process of evolution as the engine of evolution grinds on and on. Earth is a school and we are all here to learn all the lessons, which we need to reach the next kingdom. We can delay this process of evolution by wrong action or facilitate it by right action, spiritual practice and meditation. The Kingdom of Heaven exists all around us here on earth and we will soon see its members living openly teaching and advising humanity. This is called the Externalisation of Spiritual Hierarchy and the Great Lord will soon be teaching and advising us. If you have any queries about what I have written I am happy to answer them by email.

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