The New World Prayer

The new world prayer was given by Maitreya in July 1988 is really an affirmation with an invocative effect, and will be a powerful tool in the recognition by us that man and God are one, that there is no separation. By affirming that I am the creator of the universe I can come into consciousness (eventually) that I am God, the true reality.

I am the creator of the universe.

I am the father and mother of the universe.

Everything came from me.

Everything shall return to me.

Mind, spirit and body are my temples

For the Self to realize in them

My supreme Being and Becoming

The Lord Maitreya

Take your brother's need as the measure for your action, and solve the problems of the world. There is no other course.

Share and save the world.

Fear not!

All in time will be renewed.

All in time will be returned to light.

Lord Maitreya

No glamour, no illusion can long hold the man who has set himself the task of treading the razor-edged Path which leads, through the wilderness, through the thick-set forest, through the deep waters of sorrow and distress, through the valley of sacrifice and over the mountains of vision to the gate of Deliverance.

He may travel sometimes in the dark (and illusion of darkness is very real ); he may travel sometimes in a light so dazzling and bewildering that he can scarcely see the way ahead; he may know what it is to falter on the Path, and to drop under the fatigue of service and of strife; he may be temporarily side-tracked and wander down the by-paths of ambition, of self-interest and material enchantment, but the lapse will be but brief.

Nothing in heaven or hell, on earth or elsewhere can prevent the progress of the man who has awakened to the illusion, who has glimpsed the reality beyond the glamour of the astral plane, and who has heard, even if only once, the clarion call of his own soul.

Alice A Bailey

"Let the disciple seize hold of the tail of the serpent of wisdom, and having with firmness grasped it, let him follow it into the deepest centre of the Hall of Wisdom. Let him not be betrayed into the trap set for him by the serpent of illusion, but let him shut his eyes to the colourful tracery upon its back, and his ears to the melody of its voice. Let him discern the jewel, set in the forehead of the serpent whose tail he holds, and by its radiance traverse the miry halls of maya."

Alice A Bailey

Maitreya's appearance in London Climate March 2015

Sai Baba
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Maitreya the Christ as a Hindu Holy man

  • Maitreya the Christ as a Hindu Holy Man Video
  • On 29th November 2015 Lord Maitreya appeared as a Hindu Holy Man at the London Climate march at London, England, United Kingdom of Great Britain. Maitreya lives in the Asian Community of London, England incognito. He has appeared to many people all over the world in various disguises. Please click the link to watch the video of his appearance.

    He is Christ for Christians, Maitreya Buddha for Buddhists, Imam Al Magdi for Muslims, Kalki Avatar for Hindus and the Messiah for the Jews. He is the Head of Spiritual Kingdom and the inspirer of all religions, science and philosophies including Atheism. He is known as the teacher alike for angels and men. He holds the title of World Teacher and is the teacher for the members of the Spiritual Kingdom (Kingdom of God) the Masters of Wisdom and for the human beings living on earth.

    Maitreya the Christ as a figure of light

    On 6th January 2008 Maitreya has appeared as Imam Mahdi in a figure of light in a procession to mark the martydom of Imam Hussain the grand son of Prophet Mohammed. Follow the link to the Youtube video and see the figure of light moving towards the end of the video.

    14 centuries ago Imam Hussain left Mecca heading towards a city in south Iraq (Kufa) where people answered his call and agreed to support him. As he arrived at the borders over 10,000 of his supporters were imprisoned and he was not allowed to enter the city.

    On the plains of Karbala on the day known as Ashura Imam Hussain was surrounded by a massive army of thousands. In an unequal battle all his companions were killed he was left with only women and children. He placed the bodies of all the heroes who defended him together in a collection of martyrs who died for justice.

    Then Imam Hussain was ready to take his position. He defended in an amazing show of strength, patience and valour. In the long battle that ensured he could not be defeated until he needed rest. The enemy did not wait an arrow was aimed at his chest killing him. His tomb is in Karbala, Iraq

    Zainab, Hussain's sister led the remaining from the prophets family. In this way Zainab guided the people and continued the message. People commemorate this event since then. Maitreya appeared as Imam Mahdi in a miraculous figure of glowing, brilliant, white light in a procession. Benjamin Creme's master has confirmed that his dance like movements with a sword remind us of his coming with the sword of cleavage.

    The sword of cleavage is the energy of love, which he embodies. This energy is impersonal stimulates both camps of both good and bad and right and wrong. This makes it obvious to people who is good and right and who is bad and wrong. This makes it easier for people to make the right choice and decide between good and bad.

    Recommended reading

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    When you see Me, you will understand the reasons for your presence in the world. You are here my friends, to serve the plan of God. You are here each of you, from love of your brothers. You are here too, to learn, to expand your knowledge of that Plan and to progress along the Path. That is the truth of your presence at this time. Take heed, then, of this opportunity which I present to you: to share with Me in my work of succour, to ease my burden, to unfold God within you and to lead your brothers to Light.

    Many there are whom I call. Many there are who wait and listen. Few there are, indeed, who seize the time and act. These few are my people. May you become one of them

    Lord Maitreya

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